Cubanana - This Latin music duo gets everyone singing, dancing, and clapping!  Specialized in Cuban music & dance, Cubanana offers its popular school show, workshops, and teacher training, plus public performance from Florida to Maine.  Since 1997, Cubanana has consistently received outstanding reviews from hundreds of venues, including schools, colleges, libraries, museums, community & teacher organizations, festivals, clubs and restaurants.  Cubanana has been on the roster of 8 Young Audiences chapters, performed in Colombian folkloric bands, and presented at many conferences (see under Carrie below). Be sure to visit our SHOW and SERVICES pages.  "Exceptional program... Fascinating!  Many artists come in as great musicians, but you came in as excellent musicians and teachers.  This has a strong educational component... Everyone came away knowing something new about Cuba.  There's no mystery to the cultural origins you present.  I lived it all.  That was brilliant!" (Acting Principal/Music Teacher, Hubbard School, CT) ... "The show was fantastic!  I was mesmerized!" (Administrator, Sussex Co. Community College, NJ)

Carrie Lavender
has many years experience as an
educator, teaching artist, performer and healer.  She  holds a masters in the Teaching of Spanish and 16 post-masters credits in education from Columbia University Teachers College, as well as diverse performing credits, long-term training in dance, theatre, and music, healing arts diplomas, special education background, and overseas immersion. Her languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, and a bit of French.  Audiences are inspired by her dynamic presentation approach, charismatic performance, mastery of Spanish, and her passion for Latin culture that's contagious!  For a list of Carrie's Cubanana and other conference presentations, click here"Carrie was awesome.  You have a gentle way, Carrie.  You're a natural teacher who made connections and involved the audience.  I can measure the students' enthusiasm for the presenters by their engagement and behavior.  They were fixed on you!" (Acting Principal, Hubbard Elementary, CT) ... "After the assemblies, the school was buzzing! Everyone enjoyed the presentation and thought Carrie has a beautiful voice!" (Principal, West Avenue Elementary School, Bridgeton, NJ)

Jesus Alvarez Bulte
is a prolific musician and hit songwriter from eastern Cuba, expert in the Cuban son genre and its folkloric roots.  Having worked alongside legendary musicians, he became one of few experts in the precursors to Cuban son music.  Classically trained in voice and bass, he also plays guitar, tres, charango, and major and minor percussion.  In Cuba, he was in 2 popular touring bands for 18 years, did school shows, and taught children's music to preschool teachers prior to emigrating to the United States.  In New York City, he has performed in many major venues both as soloist and lead vocalist/percussionist in various bands specializing in Cuban, Colombian, and Latin American music.  Fans enjoy his free-flowing, versatile singing style, cultivated in his native Guantanamo, birthplace of the renowned Cuban son genre, aka salsa.  "Working with a real Cuban musician was totally awesome!" (Residency program high school student, Birch Wathen Lenox, NYC) ... "... a musically talented duo and one is left wanting to hear more - especially from Jesus who has an outstanding solo voice!" (Frontenac Museum, Union Springs, NY) ... "I love how he sings, improvises and involves the audience.  I come every week just to see him!
" (Night club fan, NYC) Visit here again for a link to Jesus's website -- under construction.  Meantime, click here to see him out on YouTube!